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M.2 SSD til PCIe adapter Up to 4979M/s PCI-E 4X Gen4 Radiator version


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Up to 4979M / S speed!(X570+Aorus Gen4 1T NVME SSD)

The temperature dropped 15 ℃ (in contrast to the motherboard onboard M2, data for reference only)
Exclusive first Radiator version!
Take advantage of the graphics card cooling fan, Pcb design window open, cool your ssd!
Reduced by 50%! Save your space!

Radiator for M.2 PCIE SSD 2280 USE ONLY!

PCI-E 4X NGFF M.2 M key M + B key adapter, a desktop machine for all SMDplacement machines and automatic welding, sandblasting distinctive black design like this is very rare! This is your JZLL new NGFF M.2 SSD adapter!

(Note: Due to computer BIOS limitation, not all motherboards support start function, please consult your motherboard vendor supporting details)
this is the adapter cost, not include the SSD
How to make sure your hardware support
Our adapter supports M.2 PCIE SSD, you need to make sure your motherboard chipset Intel Z97 X99 Z170 H97 H170 B150 Z270 B250 or after May 11, 2014 Production chipset, if you can not confirm, please contact the motherboard chipset technology support or production date Contact us to get details.
Please confirm your M.2 PCIE SSD models, our adapters do not support M.2 SATA SSD. M.2 PCIE SSD include: Samsung SM961;SM951; 950Pro; Xp941; Pm951; Intel 750; Plextor M6e; SanDisk A110. If there is no list your SSD model, you can contact your SSD technical support.

How to configure your settings
You need to update your motherboard’s BIOS to a newer version
Sure the operating system is supported, we recommend that you use WIN8.1 or WIN10 get the best support environment
If you install WIN7 or WIN8 Please confirm your SSD driver is ready, when you buy NVME version of SSD you need to prepare the appropriate driver.

How to get your hardware speed message
My adapter supports 3384M / S above connection speed, depending on your SSD; motherboard and operating system, you need to make sure your SSD supports PCIE X4 3.0 and mounted on the motherboard PCIE X4 X8 X16 3.0 slot and the operating system drive already prepared.

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